Monday, 21 September 2015

Update of Information (Term 4)

Dear all,

Sorry but I do not want to be the great spammer. I will minimise the amount of email send. Please inform your parents about the information below if needed: 1. School Parent Meeting (SPM) cum Celebration of Learning (COL) 2015Please be informed that the School Parent Meeting (SPM) will take place on 22 October 2015, Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. Please note that each appointment slot is 10 minutes and the event will end at noon, earlier than the mid-year SPM. We seek your understanding on this matter, as there will be a GCE O-Level Examination held later that afternoon. You may begin to make an appointment to see your child’s form teacher in this link (You will be re-directed to a third-party portal to make appointments.) An exhibition of students’ work will be held on the same day as the SPM in celebration of their learning. In the second installment of Celebration of Learning (COL), there will be a showcase of students’ work across subjects. Students will present their work to their peers and parents, adopting a variety of media such as podcasts, vodcasts, blogs, wikis, i-books, multi-media presentations, Googlesites, models, brochures and reports. To hone their oral communication skills, besides presenting their work, students will accept questions and clarify or defend their projects. We invite you to discover what your child has done, as you embark with them on their journey of learning.  2. I&E BazaarAs part of SST’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Programme, students will be setting up their businesses at the school’s annual I&E Bazaar. Beyond experiencing the application of business concepts, students will also appreciate the societal impact of their efforts.Parents are invited to attend the bazaar that will be held on 13 October 2015, Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Bazaar coupons can be bought on the day itself on can be bought via your child’s class chairperson. Proceeds from the bazaar will be donated to St Luke’s ElderCare Ltd at Telok Blangah Centre. 3. Last day of School
Last Day of School
Secondary 1
30 October 2015
Service Learning
Secondary 2
23 October 2015
Final Assembly
Secondary 3
page5image25448 page5image25768
28 October 2015
For all Secondary 3 students
30 October 2015
For Student Leaders attending the EXPose camp on 29 & 30 October 2015
2 November 2015
For students taking the GCE O- Level MTL Examination

Secondary 4
5 November 2015
 For students attending remedial lessons from 3 to 5 November 2015

You may also find all these information in the: Principal’s Letter: School Updates (September 2015) (Our Ref.: SST/P/15-083)Thank YouYour Sincerely,Class Executive Committee (S1-07)School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Good Evening Young Ladies and Gentlemen,

Applications for the MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) are now open for eligible students who are Singapore Citizens. Current ISB awards will expire on 31 December 2015. Current recipients are required to submit a fresh application for 2016 if they wish to continue receiving the MOE ISB.
Interested applicants may obtain the application form by either downloading the form here or collect a hardcopy form from SST General Office. Completed applications are to be submitted directly to SST General Office for processing.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure the proper submission of applications with all required supporting documents; incomplete applications will not be processed. Applicants who qualify for 100% ISB are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to facilitate processing and approval.
The application deadline for awards to commence from January 2016 is 20 November 2015.

1) The IP survey have been conducted throughout the week. Our class have quite good submission except for yesterday. If you have not completed, here are the schedules and links and I wish that you complete it soon!
Day 1 - 16 Sept

Day 2 - 17 Sept

Day 3 - 18 Sept
Subject 1
Subject 2

Subject 3
Subject 4

Subject 5
Subject 6





2) Class-Friendship Survey
"Your survey not important one!” Common comments that I heard…

Many of you still have not completed the class friendship survey. Here are the list of pupils:
  1. Lam Cheng Hou
  2. Lum Yu Wei, Edric
For those who have not filled up the survey, you can do so at:
I will take your survey as feedback and it will remain autonomous. Please complete the form by Monday 14:00 or I will ask you to stay back on Monday.

3) SST General Survey
List of pupils who have not submitted the survey:
  1. Lam Cheng Hou
  2. Lum Yu Wei, Edric
  3. Mihir
  4. Robin
  5. Stanley
For those who have not filled up the survey, you can do so at:
I will take your responses as feedback and it will remain autonomous. Please complete the form by Monday 14:00 or I will ask you to stay back on Monday.

4) Please note that since last week, ALL CCA have stand down until the 8 October 2015. Please confirm with your respective CCA teacher-in-charge for confirmation of when CCA will resume.

5) I&E Bazaar Coupon Purchase
I need to get all of your responses by tomorrow so as to make pre-order for your coupon. A lot of you still have yet to complete the survey. For those who have not filled up the survey, you can do so at:
Please complete the form by Monday 14:00 or I will ask you to stay back on Monday. For some of you who do not know Math, please try to learn how to count from 1 to 100. Also, please answer with the amount that you wish to buy and not just a fake number. If not there will be no refund. (e.g. Brandon, are you sure your are buying coupons of $100?)

6) Collection of Class fund for September
Please note that we will be collecting the class fund for September on 21 September 2015 (Monday) to 26 September 2015 (Friday). Please bring along the $4 that you will need to pay Kailun. For any enquiries, you may contact Class Treasurer Tan Kailun at You may also contact me at Please give us 3 business day to reply to your queries.

7) End-Of-Year Examination

I have attached the document for what you need to bring for your exams. Quite a lot of stuff and there are a few things that have changed. This time round, we will give out transparent pencil case instead of plastic bags. Please keep the pencil case well.
For those who are still in la-la land, here is the exam schedule. 
We will need to arrange our classroom’s table into exam format and clear out everything from under the desk. Refer to the attached document for more information.

Also, we will like you to bring EVERYTHING that you have related to study home for revision and not place them in your lockers. Please CLEAR OUT your lockers tomorrow.

Just in case people are too lazy to download my slides:

You will be released from school IMMEDIATELY after your papers. You are advised not to loiter around the school if you have nothing on as you may disturb the other levels who may still be having their papers. However, you can stay in school for revision. You DO NOT need to bring your LD unless you need it for revision.

8) Post EOY activities

There are a lot of post EOY activities lined up for you. I will brief your more about it during class when I have the time.

Thank You and Have a good night rest. :)

Class Exco

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