Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2 September Homework

Homework for 2 September


  1. Editing Practice
  2. End-of-Year 2014 Practice Paper
  3. Summary Practice 2 (max. 80 words)
  4. Situational Writing (Informal) Practice 1 
  5. Minimally, your reading program week 1-10..... (evil laugh)


  1. Direct & Inverse Proportion WS + Google Spreadsheet 
  2. Math Remedial WS (Linear Inequalities) 
  3. If you haven't completed WS 14 (the one most of us completed in class), you are way behind time... 
Any doubts or questions you might have, (or if you want a scanned worksheet that you lost), please feel free to WhatsApp or drop me an email. Do your revision. 


  1. 5 sets of Revision Paper (Physics)
  2. 1 set of Revision Paper (Chemistry)
  3. Please hand in your Physics File on Thursday for checking (only if you haven't done so yet, Ms. Teo would have told you to do so.)
  4. Complete whatever is there for WS you haven't completed yet.
  5. Lucidchart Mindmaps for all Chemistry and Physics Topics on the google site. 
  6. File everything (Ws, notes, activity, revision, everything) in your red file. 

IDPT Project: (El, IRS, ADMT HW combined)

  1. Form B (Final version please re-deposit in the NEW folder).
  2. Form C (Call for Action by tomorrow 2359)
  3. ADMT iBook cover (Individual)
  4. Animated Infographics 


  1. EOY Paper Practice
  2. Revision
  3. Emails that Ms. Loh sent...................... (Check your email)


Sports and Wellness: 

  1. Please organize the coaches/captains planning/drills/whatsoever before the next lesson on Thursday (Since Monday is a holiday).
  2. Statisticians, please share the information (statistics) with Ms. Lee and preferably the whole class.. 

Please revise daily until the examinations. Complete the homework and throw it away (jk) and spend preponderance of your time revising only. Use Ms Teo's technique of revising one topic a day or something to get the most out of your time and effort. 

If I have forgotten anything, I truly apologize. Please leave it in the comments below. 

Thank you! 

Have a great weekend and Teacher's day. 

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