Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Homework for today and to hand in tomorrow:

Finish up your Preface Justification


Finish the peer appraisal form and hand it in tomorrow morning
Finish up your TRF WS till activity 7.2 and hand it in tomorrow by 1330 (Just to be safe; hand in during break)

Hologram activity is due tomorrow; post your video on the google classroom

Finish activity Ws till Activity 2.

General Reminders

I and E:
Finish your final poster by the end of the week
Sign your I and E form by Friday

Class Shirt Design:
Those who are interested to create their design, may do so and to give in their ideas by the end of this week

Assembly on Friday:

Remember what we promised today? The word; Punctuality should ring a bell in your head.

iBook cover page design due on the date of the IDPT dateline. Animated infographics will be gone through later

Finish your 2 literature reviews if you haven't done so(due long long time ago)

Good luck completing your work! Hv fun!..?

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