Saturday, 4 July 2015

Hw for 2 July

I am just going to help out for today

•Polish up the Writing we did in School about the Dark alley or complete another Writing task.

•Complete Activity 2

• Complete pg 13 ( You may search for Paul and Elder's Wheel of Reasoning)


•Research on a feasible Creative Package Design for your Trexi.

I and E
•Find out solutions on how to take down the Cookie Jar. Andrea and Rachel, your groups are your respective Physics Groups.

Individual work - Post 2 news articles (reliable sources) and post it in the 2015 IRS 107 Group. Please do it by next Tuesday.Reference:15 Global Challenges , Finding Reliable Sources (Part 1) and Finding Reliable Sources (Part 2) (Watch these before the next lesson)
(Andrea and Rachel just prepare the news article as both of you are not in the group yet.)

Posted by Ngo Sin Siong (17)
Date: 3 July 2015

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