Wednesday, 1 July 2015


1st July 2015


English - Finish the comprehension, the rest of the comprehension text is forwarded to your email, by Ms Sim.

Geography - Do questions 1,2,3&6, in the worksheet Ms Loh gave us.

Math - Duplicate the excel document Mr Liu shared with us and fill it with the data you have collected today. (The number of cars, during the peak and non-peak period)

HCL(For HCL students) - 写习字。

Take Note : Tomorrow, Thursday 2nd July 2015,
You do not need to change into S&W uniform as we will be staying in class, the S&W reps would be presenting. Please prepare yourselves for the presentation, S&W reps.
Ms Teo's Physics lesson would be swapped with some other lesson, as she has something to atten to. (Just be aware, if you did not hear Zheng Jie say so)                    

Sorry for updating so late, as I was busy. Please forgive me if I have missed anything out.

~Megan Ng (08)

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  1. EL is swap with science as Ms Teo is involve in VVIP visit