Saturday, 11 July 2015

Homework for 10th July

Since En Yi did not write the homework, I will replace him for today.

ADMT: Principles of Design WS by 16/7

Physics: Do the activities 1.1 and 1.2 for kinematics. Finish the notes by viewing the lecture series.

Math: Finish both Data handling worksheets by the next lesson.

Geography: Revise through the topics as listed by Ms Loh in the sent email. There should be a Geo quiz during the next lesson, and we will be tested!

For HCL Students:
Please finish the 周记 to be submitted in the next lesson. Learn 听写 to be tested next week. Record your video for 口试. To get a head start, you can try doing the 活动本第一课。

That should be all the homework for this weekend. Have a good rest!

Sorry if I forget anything. Please alert the class by posting a comment.

PS: There is a new timetable in effect starting next week, so please get used to it.

Tong Chun (14)

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  1. There is the english reading programme and the I&E Form to submit. The latter by Monday!