Friday, 24 July 2015

Homework 24/7/15

Today's homework.

Math: Finish the worksheet given today.
Science: Complete WS 3 and 2 if u haven't done. (Ms Teo, I do not have worksheet 3.)
Do the Forces notes given out today on the google site.
English: Do the comprehension given out today and complete the whale shark article.
ADMT: Complete the alphabet i worksheet, finish first 4 slides and complete the trexi poster if u haven't done so.
For normal Chinese student: Do the WS given on Thursday.

If i missed out anything, please add in the comments section. 

I wish everyone a happy long weekend and a fun youth day, but please take care of your health and not be like me.

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Tan Kailun (22)


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    1. Also, I cannot seem to find the video for Dynamics on the Googlesite. Can someone help me please?

  2. what are the topics for ADMT infographics