Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Homework (28 April 2015)

Date: 28/4/2015

Do the math practice papers that Mr Liu gave out for extra revision (Not compulsory)
1) Algebra support programme
2) Algebra Factorisation (consolidation) Revision for common test
3) Algebra (1) Manipulation Expansion and Factorisation
4) Chapter 4 Algebra (11) Equations, Inequalities and Algebraic Fractions
5) Complete 2013 sec 1 common test Practice paper

Study extremely hard for tomorrow's English Common Test.

1) Complete the Acids and Base Worksheet if you have not completed yet, Miss Teo will go through the worksheet with us on Thursday.
2) Complete the Chemistry Revision paper that Miss Teo gave out today

Lastly, good luck to everyone for the upcoming Common test that starts tomorrow.

Please forgive me if I missed anything and for posting it this late.
Done by: 21_Stanley Tan Chang Long

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