Friday, 24 April 2015

Homework (24/4/2015)

Homework for 24th April & the supposedly scary weekend: 

1) For those of you who never did the Plane Crash Report, please do it ASAP.

1) Rate, Ratio & Speed (The whole set - 20 mins max.)  -  Self-Directed Learning :)
2) Maths 2014 Common Test  - Complete & get ready for 2013 Common Test!
3) Other WS - Algebraic Manipulation etc.

1) Biology WS by Monday.
2) Chemistry Acids & Bases by Thursday (except for NTIL - Wednesday see Ms Teo)

  •      Nikhita
  •      Mihir
  •      Brandon
Remember to file in all English & Maths WS into your files (There's a lot of them).

Done by: 19_Putrevu Mihir Niyogi 

All the best for your Common Test 1!  Stay healthy, stay strong & DO NOT PANIC (Ö)
Important note: 5 days to Live.  I meant to Common Test. *ahem*
Good luck revising! (until you have a pH level of 1) - 

A website:  c0untdown  <-- Click Here!

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  1. Please complete the ADMT survey and mark for your friends. (The one Mrs Ong send last time) If you do not complete, you might get 0 marks.