Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Homework (28 April 2015)

Date: 28/4/2015

Do the math practice papers that Mr Liu gave out for extra revision (Not compulsory)
1) Algebra support programme
2) Algebra Factorisation (consolidation) Revision for common test
3) Algebra (1) Manipulation Expansion and Factorisation
4) Chapter 4 Algebra (11) Equations, Inequalities and Algebraic Fractions
5) Complete 2013 sec 1 common test Practice paper

Study extremely hard for tomorrow's English Common Test.

1) Complete the Acids and Base Worksheet if you have not completed yet, Miss Teo will go through the worksheet with us on Thursday.
2) Complete the Chemistry Revision paper that Miss Teo gave out today

Lastly, good luck to everyone for the upcoming Common test that starts tomorrow.

Please forgive me if I missed anything and for posting it this late.
Done by: 21_Stanley Tan Chang Long

Monday, 27 April 2015

Homework For 27th of April

There is no actual homework today. Although there is some things you have to bring tomorrow.

1) Please bring the English worksheet about comparing the different reports and ranking them.

2) Please bring your Biology practice paper tomorrow as there will be Biology lessons tomorrow

3) Please do the Acid and Bases practice paper that is due on Thursday! Teacher will be going through that.

4) Please do the Ratio, Rate and Speed worksheet (Self-directed learning)

Last of all please complete the Math 2014 Common test practise!

Good luck for all your common tests and use these last few days to revise hard

Countdown to common test :

Have a great day!

P.s : Sorry if I missed out anything and also for posting this a bit late!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Algerbra Help:

Hi everyone,

If you are having problems with any of your algebra questions, you can go to this link:

and type your question in. It will give you a explanation of the steps to solve the question.

Good luck for the common test and Study Hard!!

Have a "Wonderful"... *Ahem* weekend!



Please be reminded to:

1) Try your best to get a transparent pencil case as Zheng Jie mentioned in Class today
2) Finish the ADMT survey ASAP.

Thank you.
and have a hap.. stressf.. good weekend.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Homework (24/4/2015)

Homework for 24th April & the supposedly scary weekend: 

1) For those of you who never did the Plane Crash Report, please do it ASAP.

1) Rate, Ratio & Speed (The whole set - 20 mins max.)  -  Self-Directed Learning :)
2) Maths 2014 Common Test  - Complete & get ready for 2013 Common Test!
3) Other WS - Algebraic Manipulation etc.

1) Biology WS by Monday.
2) Chemistry Acids & Bases by Thursday (except for NTIL - Wednesday see Ms Teo)

  •      Nikhita
  •      Mihir
  •      Brandon
Remember to file in all English & Maths WS into your files (There's a lot of them).

Done by: 19_Putrevu Mihir Niyogi 

All the best for your Common Test 1!  Stay healthy, stay strong & DO NOT PANIC (Ö)
Important note: 5 days to Live.  I meant to Common Test. *ahem*
Good luck revising! (until you have a pH level of 1) - 

A website:  c0untdown  <-- Click Here!

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Health Science WS(Nxt Tues)
Acids and Bases WS (NXT Thurs)
One point perspective

Homework for 23 April 2015 (Thursday)

This is the homework for 23 April 2015.

Linear Equation WS [Test]
Chapter 4 Algebra (II) Equations, Inequalities, Algebraic Fractions WS
Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Ratio, Rate & Speed WS

Integrated Humanities (History)
Inference WS

Science (Chemistry)
Acid & Bases WS (by Wednesday / Thursday)

Science (Biology)
Biology WS
Common Test 2015 Practice

All HW should be submitted on the next lesson unless otherwise stated.

By Ong Jia Cheng (18)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Homework for 22th April

- redo the slides

complete 2.1)Algebraic Manipulation and Formulae
               2.2)Approximation and Estimation (12min)

Reported by : Ngo Sin Siong(17)
Date: 22/4/15

Monday, 20 April 2015

3M Innovation Challenge

Once again, we will like to congratulate Team Edu Max from S1-07 for making into the top 5 for the 3M Innovation Challenge and for doing our class proud.


Homework for 20th April:

English: Redo the plane crashing report.
Math: -
Science: Revision worksheet
Last of all, revise for the upcoming common test.

Sorry for posting this up so late 😅 almost forgot it was my turn
Apologies if I missed out anything. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Homework for 17 April

-Worksheet for the Lineal Algebraic Equations and Formulae

-Worksheet for revision, ECM and AP 

-Animal Farm Worksheet


I'm truly very sorry if I had left out anything. Please forgive me

Tong Chun (14)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Maths:The ws on rainbows

Reminder:2.4 tmr!

Sorry for posting this late and if i miss anything

Last day for Collection of Class Funds

Dear S1-07,

Please note that tomorrow, 17 April 2015 (Friday), is the last day for the collection of class funds for April. For those who have not sumitted the money to Kailun, please do so by tomorrow. Remeber to bring $4 with you.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Class Executive Committee (S1-07)
School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Update of Information

Dear All,

If your parents have not signup for the slotes for Parents-Teacher Conference, please sign up soon! Don't hide that from your parents! Please see the following information:

Parents are reminded that there will be a School Parent Meeting on 21 May 2015, Thursday. In addition to the Parent-Form Teacher Conference, there will be a range of concurrent events and activities for students and parents of the various grade levels.

The Parent-Form Teacher Conference serves, as a platform for SST teachers and parents to discuss the holistic development and progress of their children to support their learning needs. The Semester 1 Progress Report will be disseminated during the conference.

Please note the following details:

  • Venue: Indoor Sports Hall
  • By appointment only. Select one 15-minute slot from 8.00 a.m. to 3.30 pm
  • Link to make appointments: (You will be re-directed to a third-party portal to make appointments.)
  • If you encounter technical difficulties in making an appointment please email
No Waste Days on Wednesdays

SST will be participating in a nationwide initiative on No Waste Challenge. All members of the SST family will attempt to reduce waste, especially on Wednesdays. 
Our canteen vendors will avoid distributing any disposables such as straws and Styrofoam boxes on Wednesdays.
We would like to encourage all staff, students and parents to take up the challenge. Share your ‘No Waste Days’ pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #nowastedays and your creative captions.
For more details, please visit 

Annual Track and Field Meet

Parents are reminded that the 6th Annual Track & Field Meet will be held on 22 May 2015, 7.30 a.m. 12.30 p.m. More information such as race details and venue are available HERE

Thank You.

Warmest Regards,
Class Executive Committee (S1-07)
School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Maths:Single Factorisation WS
Sorry if I missed out anything...


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Collection of Class Funds for April on 15 April

Dear 107,

As requested by Kailun, we will be collecting $4 per person for the class funds for April. The collection will open from 15 April 2015, Wednesday to 17 April 2015, Friday. Please remember to hand the $4 to Kailun and remind him to record the transition down.

Thank You.

Warmest Regards,
Class Executive Committee (S1-07)

Homework for 14/4/15

EL: Animal Farm Journal

IH: Think up reasons why the Education/Army rescripts are more impactful

ADMT iBooks are due tomorrow!

Monday, 13 April 2015



             Animal farm journal

- ADMT ibook due in Wednesday
-Science worksheet respiration and digestion
-remember to bring sketchbooks

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Admin Matters

Dear all,

Just a suggestion, instead of looking through the whole blog to find the post which tells us about HW, if we label them using the tool i.e.Homework,admin, it will be definitely be a lot easier. I hope we can make this a habit for more convenience. Thanks and have a good weekend.


Hi all,

Sorry for posting this late as Rachel was not here, I will be doing the HW blog,

Finish Math WS given during lesson by Tuesday[14th April 2015]

Biology worksheet, due on Tuesday [14 April 2015]

Complete your Performance task by Sunday [12 April 2015] and get Leaders to send the work to Mr Choo

Hand in your Sketchbooks on Monday[13 April 2015] to Brandon.

Last but not least,

Start Intense Revision for Common Test!


Thursday, 9 April 2015

9 April 2015 Homework

9 April 2015


Finish reading Chapter 6 by Friday

Finish 8.2 and Linear Challenging questions

Biology worksheet, due on Tuesday [14 April 2015]

History-Complete your Performance task by Sunday [12 April 2015] and get Leaders to send the work to Mr Choo
History Filing-Any colour file, Mr Choo will collect tomorrow, Friday, 10 April 2015

Note : We will be celebrating the January, February and March birthdays tomorrow.

Sorry for posting this so late as I was busy. Sorry if I miss out anything.
Megan Ng [08]

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Reminder about Science Acid and Bases makeup

All students who were not able to make it for the Science makeup session last Monday, please be reminded to go for it next Monday. The details are as follows:

Time: 2.30 (Please eat your lunch before you come)

Venue: S1-03 Class Room ( May be changed)

All information is correct at the time of this post.

By: Robin Vinod (S1-07)
       Index: 20

Homework 8 April 2015


  • Science Worksheet ( Due next Tuesday )
  • History Inference Practice ( 2 Paragraphs )
Sorry if I missed anything out.


International Friendship Day (IFD) 2015 - Part 2

Join us on Google+ at:
Advertisement on IFD at :

Please join us for the celebration of the International Friendship Day (IFD) 2015.

Have Fun.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

International Friendship Day 2015

On Friday, 10th April, Singapore will be commemorating International Friendship Day.  As an academic institution, SST has embarked on a week-long activities focusing on awareness, reflection and sharing.  Below is a list of activities, organized by NE Committee.  

1.  Monday, 6th April
-  All of you have received a complimentary copy from The Straits Times.  Do spend time reading, especially articles on International Friendship Day.

2.  Tuesday, 7th April till Friday, 10th April
- Static Display with related resources on International Friendship Day are available in InfoHub.  All are welcome to view the exhibits.

3.  Tuesday, 7th April & Wednesday, 8th April
-  Games Booth will be set up and managed by our NE Representatives & International students.  It will be during recess time.  Do come over and have fun completing puzzles.  Small tokens are given to winners of the competitions.

4.  Tuesday, 7th April & Wednesday, 8th April
-  Do come over to our Photo Booth corner during recess time.  Have fun &  snap photos with the self-made props done by our NE Representatives & International students.
- Once you took a photo, upload to Google+ through this link .  Pen down your thoughts: #IFD is __________________.

5.  Thursday, 9th April
-  Our canteen stall owners also joined us in the celebration.  There will be mini bazaar of International Food, prepared by our canteen vendors at a reasonable price.  Do enjoy the food!
-  Have a look at the promo poster.

6.  Friday, 10th April
- Morning Assembly : S405 would be sharing on International Friendship for their presentation in 'Our World Our Views'.
- Assembly@MPH :  All are welcome to join us for exciting programme which include our very own SST play & international costume parade.

Thank you.


-Worksheets 8.1 and 8.2
- Finish the homework wk

by: 06 Mie Mie

Monday, 6 April 2015

Science Practical Test

Please take note that you will be seating for your Sec 1 Health Science Practical Test in Term 2 Week 4/5.  The topic will be: Transport in Humans - Movement of Molecules.

Please see the schedule below for your information.

S1-01: 17 April
S1-02: 23 April
S1-03: 16 April
S1-04: 21 April
S1-05: 13 April
S1-06: 14 April
S1-07: 14 April
S1-08: 17 April

Thank You.


There is no homework for today but please be reminded to:
- update your English reading journal(until chap 4)
- bring your Biology file tomorrow with your notes
Please take note:
- Science lesson(only one period) will be swapped with English.
- report to class instead of ISH
Sorry for up late!
Xin Le(05)

Thursday, 2 April 2015


2 April 2015

- Linear Equations worksheet (By Tues, 7 April 2015)

- 1 worksheet (By Wed, 8 April 2015)
- Notes (By Mon, 6 April 2015)

- Bring your own hero and utensils

- Finish Chapter 4 (By Mon, 6 April 2015)
- Complete practice paper (By Mon, 6 April 2015)

- Project (By Mon, 6 April 2015)

Sorry if I missed out anything.

By: 04 Kady Teo Han Ning

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Class Leadership Skills - March/April

For downloadable PDF and PPT version, please click on the link below:

Portable Device Format (PDF)
PowerPoint for Mac 2011 / 2016 Technical Preview (ppt)



English-Read Animal Farm. (You should finish reading Chapter 4 by next Tues)-Complete the worksheet and spreadsheet on Animal Farm

ADMT- Finish your project (Submit by next Mon, 6 April)- Sign the form

IH- Finish your project

- Play Manga High games 

- those going for the track and field events tmr, remember to bring your S and W attire

Sry for posting this late. 

Eega Nikhita Reddy_03