Friday, 27 March 2015

Tribute to Mr. Lee Kwan Yew - Part 2

Activity 1 (15mins)

  1. Students to form groups of 3-4 
  2. Each group to choose one tribute which resonated most with them.
  3. The group should then take a screenshot of the slide from the PDF file, post it on their Class Blog/Facebook Group/G+ Community and explain why the tribute that they have chosen is the most meaningful to them.

Tribute video here: Tributes to Mr. Lee
Slides: sent to your email

Activity 2
Think about the following questions: (10mins)

  1. Discuss the following questions:
    1. As an SST student, what can you do to sustain the life we have in Singapore now and to make it even better?
    2. How do you see yourself contributing to the lives of others in the future?
  2. Please submit your response via Google Form 
(shortened link: and QR code below)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.47.26 am.png

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