Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Homework for the day (11 March)

Integrated Humanities: Work on the Brochure for "attracting people to come to Singapore"
S&W: Upload Javelin Checklist and video to personal folder
ADMT: Bring a (computer) mouse for tomorrow Sketchup Lesson
English: Reading programme to be submitted on 23 & 24 March respectively
Mathematics: Finish & Submit WS 4.6 tomorrow

Note: Timing of briefing for sub-committees tomorrow.

Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator   --> 2.05pm to 2.25pm
Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador  --> 2.30pm to 2.50pm
NE Representative --> 2.55pm to 3.15pm
Environment Rep --> 3.20pm3.40pm
Subject Rep --> Home sweet home

If you find any homework not written/written wrongly, please comment under this post. Thank you.

18_Ong Jia Cheng

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