Saturday, 28 February 2015

Level Test 1 - Things to note

Dear All,
Just some things to note for the upcoming level test:

1)You are to seat in your register number for all papers. A register number sticker has been placed on the top right hand conner of the table. Follow the stickers.

2) Please bring your Secondary School Smart Card (SSC) on that day itself.
3) Please place your Secondary School Smart Card (SSC) on the top right hand conner of your desk. It will cover your register number sticker.
4) At any point in time, do not tear away the register number sticker.
5) Before the start of every paper, please go to the toilet. (No going toilet after the start of the paper)
6) Please report punctually and seat in two straight rows outside the classroom when you arrived in school.
7) You must be seated in two rows outside the classroom at least 15 minutes before the paper begin.
8) You are required to be seated at your assigned desks at least 10 minutes before the commencement of each paper
9) Students who are late will not be given extra time.
10) The Chief Presiding Examiners (Mr Mohd Irfan / Mrs Lim Woon Foong) will be station outside the General Office.
11) Do not bring any electronic devices to your desk. (except authorised calculator/dictionary)   Make sure that your LDs are locked in the locker before you step into the classroom. Your LDs should be switched off. Please also switch off your handphone when you arrive. Try not to bring your handphone into the classroom. Instead, leave it in your locker. Bags can be placed in front of the classroom.
12) Make sure that there are no unnecessary pieces of paper in your pencil case. (sometimes you accidentally put a note in it)
13) Make sure that your Lecture Pad does not contain any words when you bring that in. (ie. notes etc.)
14) Make sure that you do not possess any unnecessary pieces of paper in your pocket or anywhere else.
15) Students caught with incriminating evidence will be presumed to have cheated or to have attempted to cheat. Those caught cheating will receive zero mark for the paper as well as face disciplinary action. (source: link)
16) No writing paper will be provided during the Level Test. Please note that your writing paper must bear the school logo.
17) Students are required to be in school uniform when taking the Test.
18) Students not taking the MTL papers are to report to Tutorial Room 2 (Block B, Level 5) for the National anthem followed by selfstudy. Attendance will be taken.
19) Try to use a transparent / translucent pencil case. (In case the teacher checks)
20) All writing must be done in a black or blue ink pen. No pencil is allowed (except if instructed by teacher). Only drawings can be done in pencil.
20) Things to bring:
*At least 3 working black and/or blue ink pen
*At least 3 working pencil
*At least 1 working soft eraser (bring an extra if needed)
*At least 1 working correction tape (bring an extra if needed)
*Some highlighters
*Lecture Pad (Writing papers)
*Compasses / Protractors (for Science)
*Math Set (for Math)
*Calculator (if needed) <make sure it bear the SST approved sticker>
*Chinese Dictionary <make sure it bear the SST approved sticker>
*S&W Attire ( if there is S&W)
*Whatever deemed fit

More info is on the Sec 1 GoogleSite. Sorry if I miss out certain things.

Remember: Work hard, Play hard. Be on time next week in your Full School Uniform. All the best for your level test! :) 

Signing off,
Class Exco

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