Wednesday, 25 February 2015


1. English Programme (Next week Monday and Tuesday)
2. Science Revision Paper (By next week)
3. Math Worksheet 4.5
4. ADMT SST&3M slides and idea (Your 3/4 proposal, depending on the no. of people in your group)

*Note that there will be 2 IH lessons tomorrow, today's lesson was swapped with Science.
*Please complete the 'Friends Of Singa' survey-
*Bring your drawing materials and sketchbook(maybe) for tomorrow's ADMT lesson, for the drawing method Mrs Ong will be teaching us.
*Please hand in your reading programme, for those who haven't.

Sorry for posting this so late. I was busy with my CCA.
If I miss anything out, please forgive me.

-08 Megan Ng

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