Friday, 6 February 2015

6 February 2015, Friday (Today's Homework)

Sorry for updating so late.

Today's homework...

Langlit: - Metaphor Worksheet (If you have not done so) (Due: Next Mon)
              - Reading Programmes (Due: Mon/Tue)

I&E: - Complete the Slides and upload on Edmodo (Due: Next Mon)
         - Reply on Edmodo about what is/what is not innovation (Due: Next Mon)

IH: -Farquhar Worksheet (Due: Next Mon)

Science: - Do mind map of Purification and Separation Technique (Due: The End of the chapter) <**It has been noted that permission for adding link is not given**>
               - ECM quiz (Due: Next Mon)

Math: - Worksheet 2.5 (Due: Next Tue)
           - Re-look at the Topic Revision for Level Test and finish the test paper (Due: Next Tue)
           - Do corrections for Percentage Worksheet (Due: Next Tue)

That all for today. If I have missed out any homework, please forgive me. Thank You and have a great weekend ahead and see you guys on Monday, 9 Feb.

Done by: 24_Tan Zheng Jie

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  1. The test paper should be on Tuesday as there is no math on Monday