Monday, 12 January 2015

Homework (12 January 2015)

Date: 12 January 2015 (Monday)


-Do finish 'The Circuit' worksheet. (By Monday, 19 Jan 2015)

-Complete mindmap/lucidmap on Classes of Materials and add file to google sites.
-Watch videos on google sites.
-Do a digital poster on Bloom's Taxonomy with group. (By Monday, 19 Jan 2015)

Integrated History:
-Go to SST mail to fill up a form by Mr Choo. (By Thursday, 15 Jan 2015)

-Find an innovation that you find interesting using any of the letters in SCAMPER. (By Monday, 19 Jan 2015)

Things To Take Note:
-Class email:
-Math homework is due tomorrow. (Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015)
-Activities on Badge Night
   5.30pm - 6pm -> Parents all seated in class.
   6pm - 6.15pm -> Speech by the 3 students.
   6.15pm -6.30pm -> Show parents individual keynote. (Reflections)
   6.30pm -> Parents & students  move off to MPH & ISH respectively.

By: 04 Kady Teo

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